Rhiannon Navin

“An audacious debut novel.”

– the new york times

It was a brave decision by Navin to entrust the telling of such a powerful story to a six-year-old but she pulls it off to perfection. This is the authentic voice of an honest, bright, intelligent, and observant child. It struck me that any of us would be proud to have Zach as their son.
— Richard and Judy Book Club

Only Child tells the story of six-year-old Zach, who survives a deadly shooting in his school by hiding in his classroom closet. In the middle of the raw and devastating aftermath, Zach finds the strength and determination to help the adults in his life rediscover the love and compassion needed to pull them through their darkest hour. 

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Only Child triumphs. Zach, at only 6 years old, understands more about the human heart than the broken adults around him. His hope and optimism will have every reader cheering him on, and believing in happy endings even in the face of such tragedy.
— Ann Hood, The Washington Post
This hotly anticipated debut novel takes on topics both timely and tragically universal: school shootings, love, loss, forgiveness, and pain.
— Liz Egan and Elizabeth Logan, Glamour “All the Books We Can't Wait to Read in 2018”

About Rhiannon Navin

I grew up in Bremen, Germany, in a family of book-crazy women. My career in advertising brought me to New York City in my early twenties. After working for several large ad agencies in the city, I left the rat race to be home with my three spirited (read: loud and strong-willed) children. Being a full-time mom is the best job in the world. It’s also the hardest and not always the most fulfilling. Then a magical thing happened: I discovered my love for writing. And over the course of a couple of life-changing years, I wrote my first novel, Only Child.

I can’t believe I get to share it with you now! Only Child has been published by Knopf here in the U.S. and by Mantle in the U.K.. It will also be published in many countries around the world and translated into sixteen other languages. I can’t wait for you to read it.

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photo credit: Michael Lionstar

photo credit: Michael Lionstar